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Are You Compliant with the NYS DFS Cyber Regulations and the NYS SHEILD Act? 


Find out how easy it is to become compliant, watch our demo now! 

Finally, an affordable compliance service that'll enable you to sleep at night... 

Cyber Compliance provides financial professionals with the tools and services necessary to ensure compliance with the recent implementation of mandatory cybersecurity regulations. The New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR500) was designed to promote the protection of sensitive non-public information.


Fines for non-compliance is up to $250,000 

NY State has leveraged almost $1bilion dollars

in fines this year alone.

Are you compliant?


Our Services

Understanding cybersecurity policies and procedures, how these new regulations apply to you, and how much work it will require to become compliant can all be very confusing and overwhelming. To simplify this process. ID360 in conjunction with Cyberlitica and The Garlick Group has developed a cost-effective package of tools and services that will bring your company compliant and most of all to help keep your business and data secure. Our package includes a risk assessment and audit of your organization’s networks and devices, producing the following customized tools and resources to comply fully with the New York Regulations:

Our Services

Cyber Security Analysis

A written Cyber Security Analysis, with specific recommendations on physical safeguards, routers, firewalls and endpoint security

Policies & Procedures

Creation/modification of Customized Cyber Security Policies & Procedures, including Incident Response, Access, and Data Retention

Remediation Advice

Susceptibility and Remediation Advice  regarding compromised personal & identifiable information


24x7x365 dark web monitoring and ID Checkup, uncovering any ID fraud the business may have experienced, to include breeches from all three major credit bureaus, Innovis, Lexis Nexis, ChexSystems, Accurint, Certegy, CoreLogic, Opt-Out Pre-Approved Credit Offers, DMV and Medical Information Bureau

Provide a Certification of Training to the employees and to the business that can be used to lower cyber insurance premiums and satisfy State audit requirements deliver with the most comprehensive Identity Monitoring and Recovery services available.

Security breaches, including ransomware and other malware attacks, are now an every day reality. Employees can be the weakest link or strongest asset in protecting your organization from these emerging threats. Therefore, it is vital to implement a comprehensive security awareness and education program to keep security top of mind.

Certification of Training

Avoid Penalties

Let's get Serious! 

The SHIELD Act will have far-reaching effects, as any business that holds private information of a New York resident — regardless of whether the organization does business in New York — must comply the new law. The SHIELD Act also shows how seriously New York, like other states across the nation, is taking privacy and data security matters. Regardless of their location, organizations should be assessing and reviewing their data breach prevention and response activities, building robust data protection programs, and investing in written information security programs (WISPs). 

NY State has leveraged almost $1bilion dollars in fines this year alone.


"Thanks Jim and the Cyber Compliant team for assisting our firm in getting us compliant and ensuring our clients information is protected from cyber theft Moreover, permitting us to focus on our  business and not add to the many non-business distractions we often deal with each day.

It was  reassuring to know we were entrusting this important requirement to a knowledgeable, and professional team. The team took ownership of this effort from the start,  they told us what they would do, and followed though as promised to a successful completion

William John Marco -


Certified Wealth Strategist®

Ready to find out more?

Compliance with this regulation will not only reduce your risk of possible fines, but also provide your organization and clients with confidence knowing that your practice is Cyber Compliant.  In an age of rampant cybercrime, protecting your clients’ most valuable assets, their identity and sensitive information, may increase your client retention and help you win new clients.


Don’t wait to get fined register & signup for Cyber Compliant today!


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